This campaign started out as a side-story about a group of Autobots who were attempting to stealthily prevent the Decepticons from destabilizing another planet during the -ation comics of IDW. Since then, the campaign has spiralled out of control.

The games is played with a house-ruled version of Horizons’ Mechamorphosis rulebook. It originally started with the -ation comics of IDW, but has since the start evolved into a reality all of its own. With Exitium, the main antagonist, messing with a time machine, and gathering Transformers from other timelines, this universe has spiralled into an amalgamation of different universes. The players, a group of former Autobots now calling themselves “the Anarcons”, are attempting to save this universe from a Megatron that will in the future release a virus that will kill all Transformers. Their main problem is that they don’t know which Megatron to track down…

This campaign currently has characters from the main IDW comics, the original cartoon, Beast Wars and several smaller, maybe lesser known, universes. Welcome to the chaos of combined continuities. Welcome to Tempus Exitium; the Destruction of Time (Continuity: Primax 710.9 Romeo).

This campaign will be played with the Horizon: Mechamorphosis rulebook in mind, and in the style of the -ation comic books from IDW.

The Decepticons, with their infiltration protocols are slowly destabilising the planet, while the Autobots are in hiding trying to do their best to prevent the Decepticons from completely conquering the universe.

The setting will not be played on Earth, but on a completely different planet, which is still human-like in appearance, but will not mess with the comics too definitly. The campaign will follow the comics’ story line, albeit on a different location.

It starts as the players (Autobots) arrive on the planet while knowing the Decepticons have already set up shop.

Conflict by Infiltration

It is the usual conflict of the Autobots versus the Decepticons, although a little altered from the 80’s cartoon by adding the ideas from IDW’s run of comics. The Decepticons have their Infiltration Protocol by which they slowly infiltrate and manipulate a planet’s population until it is ripe for the conquering. The Autobots on the other hand will be trying to prevent the Decepticons from fulfilling their plans. Note that both parties work in the utmost secrecy, and that preventing the locals from knowing what’s happening is a top priority.


The planet the Autobots will track the Decepticons to is a planet not unlike Earth. It has basically the same type of lifeforms in the same general technological era. In a sea of impossibility, there’s bound to be another human-like race.


The first session of this campaign will take place in earth-year 2002; about the same time the transformers activity on Earth started. At the time of arrival, the Decepticons will still be in Phase One of their Infiltration Protocol.


The conflict between Autobots and Decepticons started more than a million years ago, when Megatron changed the underground gladitorial games into what is now known as the Decepticon faction. From this point on, the Autobots have been at war with the Decepticons. First, just in Kaon, but spreading from there across the entire planet of Cybertron and eventually onto other planets as well. Some interesting bits of history can be found here.

Campaign Information

Basic information for the players can be found here. Text written normally is official IDW material. Text written in italic are additions by yours truly. Considering the game is somewhat imbalanced, we’ve added these Houserules.

Recommended Reading

The following issues by IDW are recommended for the players to read, in the following order.

  • Megatron Origin 1-4
  • Spotlight: Blurr
  • Spotlight: Shockwave (not in the Wiki)
  • Spotlight: Cliffjumper (not in the Wiki)
  • Spotlight: Sixshot (not in the Wiki)
  • Spotlight: Hot Rod (not in the Wiki)
  • Spotlight: Blaster (not in the Wiki)
  • Spotlight: Soundwave (not in the Wiki)
  • Spotlight: Ultra Magnus (not in the Wiki)
  • Infiltration 0-6 (not in the Wiki)
  • Stormbringer 1-4 (not in the Wiki)
Thanks to..

The people who worked on . Much of the information herin has been taken directly from that website! Also, thanks to many people on tfw2005 for some wonderful ideas! And to my players, who make me laugh every session!

Transformers - Tempus Exitium

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