Transformers - Tempus Exitium

Session 7 - Too Many Megatrons

Players: Digit, Libris, Opertum, Pride, Riven

The group managed to get themselves back in orbit, but started reconsidering going to Styx. They all knew the defences were high and the enemy powerful, so they figured there could be an easier way to get more powerful bodies and weapons. Just as they were in this discussion, Opertum, sittign at the communucations server, received a message. The message was in a language that they didn’t recognize, but had some similarities to cybertronian. After spending a while translating it, they realized it was a threat from Megatron who claimed they did not exist in any future, and would thus fail in their endeavors.

Session 6 - Home, Sweet Home

Players: Digit, Libris, Opertum, Pride, Riven, Roadkill

After arriving back on Severus-3, the group did some scanning to see what was left of their old unit. They found one spark-signature within their old Ark. They decided to land in a lake as close as possible to their old base. Once landed Opertum decided to see if his CIA cover was still active. He searched, and found it impossible to log in, impossible even to find a log in page, as it seemed the computers used for that, were offline.

Session 5 - Deeper and Deeper...

Players: Digit, Junkyard, Libris, Opertum, Paradox, Pride, Riven, Roadkill

Knowing what to do next, go to Cybertron, the group started searching around. The first thing they encountered was an old Autobot science satellite. Discovering life on the thing, they decided to go there for whatever reasons people have of going to an old unused science satellite. Once there, they were welcomed by Decepticon guns held by, yes, Decepticons. After some macho-talk between them about who’s got the bigger guns, Opertum said he was willing to switch sides to the Decepticon cause. This meant the rest of the team had to surrender. It was four to three after all, as Libris was already knocked out from trying to hack into the station.

Session 3 - Allies and Enemies

Players: Digit, Libris, Nitro, Pride, Riven, Roadkill

At the Ark, Salvator ordered Roadkill, Nitro and one of the new Autobots he brought, Riven, to go and find out where Exitium took Libris. The three went on their merry way, following old signals and eventually ended up near a large city, where Nitro got shot by a crab-like tank-thing. After some shooting back and forth, Roadkill requested a cease-fire and a talk. They ended up finding out the creature was called Rampage, but didn’t fit the description of Rampage in their database. He also claimed to be a Predacon, but again, that didn’t make any sense. They did quickly find out that he didn’t work for or with Exitium, and that he was more than happy to blow a few hole’s in the Decepticons plans. The four of them travelled into the city to try and find Libris. There they got stuck in a fight with Dropshot and Garotte.

Session 2 - Know your Enemy

Note to my wonderfull players; I actually used Tankor, but I meant to use Dropshot, hence the change in name. Anything Tankor did in this session, is now credited to Dropshot. My apologies.

Due to the failed combat between Impact and the Autobot team, Salvator decided to take Bladespark out of the stasis cell. The group informed him of their current situation, and decided to follow up on the signal that led them to the north of the continent they resided on. Bladespark and Pride went out to scout ahead, while the rest of the team followed on land. Nitro stayed behind with Salvator to find a new location for their Ark.

Session 1 - Meet and Greet

The group was gathered on the Autobot Command Hub somewhere in known space. There, they got their new commander assigned to them; Salvator. They met up with him at the said time, and after some introductions, went to their Ark-13 to make their way to Severus-3. Nitro went there at top speed, and noticed a black device stuck to a crate. After some fumbling, he managed to figure out it was a bomb, and fail at diffusing it. Libris and Opertum had a better idea; dump it in space. Libris opened the door, and Opertum chucked it out the airlock. Non-sounding explosion followed, and everybody got some bonus paranoia; somebody knew where they were going, and didn’t want them there…


Well, that wa sa surprise. Launched a msg on my FB a couple of days ago, and now I got my 4-headed infiltration unit together!

We’ll be commencing play in about 3 weeks :D

Working out the Kinks

Currently working on this campaign and trying to learn the rules of Mechamorphosis. It isn’t all that hard, but renaming it might be a little bit of a chore. I am mostly reading up on all the IDW comics again to get a feel of the setting and to get the timing right.

The reason I chose a completely different human-like world is simply because of the fact I want to leave Earth alone, and the story can simply unfold on itself without the interference of the heavy hitters like Optimus Prime and Megatron. I prefer the player(s) to have their own squad, their own squad-leader, and basically do what they want without having to bow down to some higher authority.

It might take a while before this thing to launch, but at least I’ll have the time to get everything in order.


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