Transformers - Tempus Exitium

Session 7 - Too Many Megatrons

Players: Digit, Libris, Opertum, Pride, Riven

The group managed to get themselves back in orbit, but started reconsidering going to Styx. They all knew the defences were high and the enemy powerful, so they figured there could be an easier way to get more powerful bodies and weapons. Just as they were in this discussion, Opertum, sittign at the communucations server, received a message. The message was in a language that they didn’t recognize, but had some similarities to cybertronian. After spending a while translating it, they realized it was a threat from Megatron who claimed they did not exist in any future, and would thus fail in their endeavors.

While receiving this signal, Opertum received two more signals. One coming from a nearby satellite, and one coming from down in a huge forested area. A discussion followed, and during this discussion, a Decepticon cargo ship flew past, and landed in a nearby destered area. Scans revelaed two cybertronians on board of that ship. They decided to first check the signal from the satellite. They drew it on board, and discovered another Golden Disc, with a message from Megatron claiming that he failed. Libris modified the satellite to be easily accessable by him, and dumped it back in orbit. Meanwhile, Opertum send Pride out to the rainforest to see what he could discover. Three lifeforms were located, but Pride was attacked. After he was bounced back towards the Intruder and put in a CR chamber, they discovered he was shot by Bombshell. Meanwhile, a jetfighter launched from the cargo vessel, and went straight to the Intruder. Slipstream politely asked to come on board.

The Anarcons quickly put on their Decepticon symbols and met with Slipstream, who, after a discussion, led them to her commander Flamewar down in the desert. The latter told them that she was Empress of Destruction, after Megatron died. She also told them that there was something hidden in the military eare nearby, and that she wanted to get in. They also discussed the general problem on Severus-3; it seems many different timelines were connected on this planet, as Flamewar was yet from another timeline. The Anarcons, previously worried that they were no longer in their own timeline, were told that they were, in fact, still in the timeline they were born in. The others, Flamewar and Slipstream, even the Optronicx that they followed back here, and his minions, were not part of this timestream, nor one that Flamewar hailed from. The Anarcons were drafted to assault the military base, and find out what was inside the mountain.

After butchering the human army that guarded the mountain, they got to a door. Ripping the door apart, they ended up in a huge cave with the aft of a gigantic space ship clearly visible. A turret came from the came of the ship, and started shooting. After a complicated battle with said turrent, they managed to get to the door, and Flamewar handed Libris a head which had the access codes to open the door stored inside. Libris broke in, and eventually they found themselves in a gigantic spaceship with several Autobots and Decepticons lyin scattered across the floor. Offline and all. Surprised to see cybertronians they knew like Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Megatron and Starscream, the Anarcons wondered what was going on. After Libris fiddled with the controls a little, the machines inside started to repair one of the transformers there; Ratchet. Meanwhile, Flamewar was tearing open Optimus Prime’s chest, and tore out the Matrix. Figuring this has gone on long enough, the Anarcons tried to stop Flamewar and Slipstream. A one-sided fight ensured, as the two Decepticons immediatly fled the scene.

Ratchet was eventually revived, and answered many of the Anarcon’s questions. His team, led by Optimus Prime, left Cybertron on board of the Ark to find new sources of Energon. An astroid collision followed by a Decepticon attack, eventually crashed the Ark on an unknown planet. Ratchet started to fix the other Autobots there, but the Anarcons figured it would be disastrous if of all these ‘bots, two were running around. Libris used the same machines that repaired Ratchet to take him apart again. After stealing Megatron’s Fusion Cannon, Prime’s Ion Blaster and Starscreams’ Null Ray, the Anarcons retreated back to the Intruder.

Outside, they met up with a motorcycle that re-introduced himself as Exitium. The city-former explained that he merely wished to create a new Cybertron, as their original home planet was destroyed so long ago by the war they had been waging for millions of years. He told them that any cybertronian, from any faction, was welcome, as long as they would not interfere with his plans, and if possible, defend the planet against hostiles. He even allowed the group to come into the city, or live somewhere else on the planet if they so wished. After some internal discussions, the group as a whole decided to leave Exitium alone.

Back on the Intruder, they explained everything to Salvator and Impact. After hearing it all, Salvator decided to go to the Autobot Command Hub and explain to them what was going on on Severus-3. After he left the room, Impact said it would be too dangerous to let him go. While Libris didn’t do anything, Riven went with Impact to take down Salvator. After they left, Opertum quickly sent a message to Salvator to watch his back, but when Salvator turned around, all he saw was several barrels of guns aimed at him. The fight was over in a nano-click, as Riven blasted him to slag, killing him instantly.



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