Transformers - Tempus Exitium

Session 1 - Meet and Greet

The group was gathered on the Autobot Command Hub somewhere in known space. There, they got their new commander assigned to them; Salvator. They met up with him at the said time, and after some introductions, went to their Ark-13 to make their way to Severus-3. Nitro went there at top speed, and noticed a black device stuck to a crate. After some fumbling, he managed to figure out it was a bomb, and fail at diffusing it. Libris and Opertum had a better idea; dump it in space. Libris opened the door, and Opertum chucked it out the airlock. Non-sounding explosion followed, and everybody got some bonus paranoia; somebody knew where they were going, and didn’t want them there…

A while later, they ended up in orbit around Severus-3. Salvator ordered them to scout for a good location to hide their ship, preferrably a lake. And Libris, Nitro and Opertum Bounced to the surface into a wooded area, and starting checking the place out. After a few hours, Nitro noticed that they were being followed. He broke off from the rest and eventually located a landrover. After jumping over her, this ended up to be Roadkill, a female Autobot that was following an assassin named Driveby, who was tailing the Autobot scouting party, but she lost him the moment Nitro appeared.

Nitro informed the rest of the team about Roadkill, and slowly they moved on, ready for an attack. Further up the forested area, they located a tank, which, after Nitro got behind him, transformed and introduced himself as Impact. After a very short conversation of Impact trying to convince them to leave the planet, and Nitro spray-painting the Autobot symbol on his leg and almost getting shot, they left eachother alone. Appearently, Impact had orders not to engage the Autobot scouting party. They left and met up with Driveby, who basically tried the same story that Impact did, but was more subtle about it. He claimed the Decepticons were merely the beaten underdog, and the Autobots their tyrannical oppressors. Again, the two factions left eachother without breaking into a riot.

Continuing their search for a place to hide their Ark, they ended up in a local town, Bedrock, where they checked some maps, stole some equipment to make Digit look like a human, and were subsequently hunted down by the police for triggering an alarm. The police car followed Opertum around for a long time, and Roadkill noticed a news helicopter following them. Scanning it, she realized it was another cybertronian. Wondering if they landed right on top of the Decepticon base, they did their best to loose the cop. Eventually, an ambulance came by and managed to get the police officer to follow him. Later, the group noticed the ambulance was Salvator, who requested the landing spot for the Ark.

After the Ark was safely on the bottom of a large lake, they started gathering information about the world they were on, and possible locations of the Decepticon hideout. They managed to hack into the local governments systems to register Opertum as a CIA vehicle, and Libris started working on holomatter emitters so that they could blend in better with the local populace. They also discovered a signal leading to Canada that was copying information from the governments databases. Salvator eventually gave them the order to track down Impact; a tank would leave large tracks. Eventually, they managed to get to a waterfall, where low-level mech signals were coming from. After Libris and Nitro went in, they walked into a trap, which left Libris very damaged. Nitro climbed on top of the waterfall, only to find Impact taking aim on him. He dropped down, but got shot by Impact anyways, leaving him blind. While Libris was protecting Nitro with his own body, Roadkill rode past him and grabbed the damaged motorcycle and took him out of harms way. They decided to a tactical retreat, and drove off for repairs.

On their way out, they passed a couple of firefighters, and decided to return with fear of Impact killing the flesh creatures. Back on the scene, nothing happened, but the news helicopter they saw before was found again. It was a helicopter from CNN which later revealed not to exist in CNN’s databases. After knowing Impact wouldn’t harm the flesh creatures, the group went away again, this time finding an old barn to hide out for a while, in fear of leading the Decepticons to their ship. In the barn, Libris managed to fix Nitro’s eyes, but soon other trouble arrived. A green van with a huge purple flower, and a red-haired guy with a scanner said he knew they were in there. They found out the guys’ name was Fred Mulder, and that he was looking for them. Fred was a fervent hunter of alien lifeforms, and having encountered “the tank”, Fred knew he had proof. Seeing the Autobots in their robot mode made him all the happier.

Considering Fred had information they didn’t, they took him to the Ark with them, and introduced him to Salvator. He agreed the human could help them, as he wanted the “guys with the purple symbols” to get off his planet. Fred seemed to have been a witness to “the tank” killing campers in the woods. Opertum quicjkly discovered the CIA keeps an eye on Fred, but he is not high on their priority list. Fred’s website was also being monitered by the CIA, and also by someone in Canada. Fred also claimed he had an ally in russia, a girl who believed as he did, and also had pictures as proof…



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