Transformers - Tempus Exitium

Session 6 - Home, Sweet Home

Players: Digit, Libris, Opertum, Pride, Riven, Roadkill

After arriving back on Severus-3, the group did some scanning to see what was left of their old unit. They found one spark-signature within their old Ark. They decided to land in a lake as close as possible to their old base. Once landed Opertum decided to see if his CIA cover was still active. He searched, and found it impossible to log in, impossible even to find a log in page, as it seemed the computers used for that, were offline.

Leaving Impact behind at their ship, the rest of the crew drove carefully towards the Ark. On their way, they almost ran into a mine field, and a local inhabitant shot them. The hill-billy-type human was ranting on about the government trying to kill everybody with giant robots, and Roadkill tried to explain to him that there are “good” and “bad” robots. The human wasn’t really convinced, even though, Libris changed to his robot mode. After some more discussion, and Opertum explaining that the “evil” robots were just the types that went rogue, the group continued on their way.

When reaching the lake, there were five tanks standing there, all looking exactly like Impact. The group decided to retreat, but Riven wanted to shoot anyway. Driving backwards, he destroyed one of the tanks. Smiling at this, Roadkill decided they should just take them out. After destroying the five tanks, they quickly realized that these tanks were human-made tanks and controlled by a computer.

Arriving in the Ark, they quickly noticed all their systems being down, and once inside, encountered Bladespark. Quickly they found out that Bladespark was actually dead, and Salvator, whose own body was damaged beyond repair, managed to get into Bladesparks’ body. They decided to salvage whatever was left of the Ark and take it to their own ship. While doing that, Impact signalled them that he was in deep trouble.

The group started returning to their ship, but on the way, got into a fight with the local Decepticons. Them being Dirttrack, Garotte, Bullseye and Deadline. The fight that followed was almost overwhelming to the group, but Riven, once again, managed to save the day. He quickly took out Garotte, and managed to take down Bullseye with a perfect shot through the core. Although it went very well, the group panicked when Impact drove by, and they saw their own ship, with Megatron himself on the bow, coming towards them.

Panic seemed to hit the group, as everything went to shit. n quick succession, Opertum and Salvator were turned into a large crated full of debris by Megatron. Quickly, Riven was also hit by Megatron, but it didn’t do anything to him. While he was pondering about what was going on, Impact returned, and screamed something about scanning for Megatron’s spark. After a few minutes, Roadkill managed to find that spark, a few yards behind Megatron, but didn’t see anything with her optics. After she pointed out where it should be, Impact blasted that location. He hit someone, and Megatron disappeared, as did the craters around their two fallen comrades, revealing Opertum and Salvator lying there in statis instead.

Impact explained that there was some Decepticon, Fearsomething that used a scientific weapon and created holograms. He couldn’t actually kill people, but he could scare the shit out of their comrades.

They went back to their own ship, and decided that for the fight against Exitium and Optronicx they needed some improved weapons and bodies. Impact thought it might be a good idea to visit Styx and get their new equipment there…



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