Blades will never be the Autobot poster child. He’s a dirty, underhanded street brawler at heart and proud of it. The fact that his alternate mode and function as air support can keep him at a distance from combat infuriates him. Blades would rather use his rotors to gut a Decepticon from antenna to tailpipe than to fly. When he fights, he wants to feel his enemies’ fuel spraying across his steel skin. Blades does his job and does it darn well, but if there’s a way to get his hands dirty in the process, you can bet your processor he’ll find it.


Affiliation; Autobot

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 2 – Blades was listening to Prowl’s briefing on the illegal gladiator matches, and simply replied that all they needed to know is where to find them. Blades got cut short when Sentinel Prime came in and started telling people what the plan will be.

Megatron Origin 3 – Blades is part of the team that attacks and imprisons the gladiators after Megatron’s speech. He can be seen personally attacking Motormaster.

Megatron Origin 4 – Blades was there to counter the assault the escaped gladiators launched against Kaon, and fought against them.


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