Character Sheet



Affiliation; Autobot

2002 (Infiltration)

Session 2 – .

Session 4 – After being ordered by Salvator to find the rest of the Ark-14 crew, Bladespark and Opertum took a small ship and tracked them down. They eventually ended up on Epon-6, where the Decepticons have only recently been beaten. Someone fired on their ship, and Bladespark went out to confront the enemy, which ended up to be Rampage, who was working with the rest of the crew they were searching for.

Bladespark got back on Severus-3 to return to the anti-infiltration unit, but found the planet has deteriorated faster than expected. In a fight between the remnants of the Autobot force and a larger group of Decepticons, Bladespark was killed.

Session 6 – The Anarcons found Bladespark once again, or at least; his body, which was now inhabited by Salvator.


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