Affiliation; Autobot
Subgroup; The Wreckers

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Stormbringer 4 – Broadside is part of a meeting in Bludgeon’s base where Jetfire, Optimus Prime, the Technobots and the Wreckers are contemplating Thunderwing’s return to Cybertron. The discussion goes bad, as Prime says Thunderwing has to be stopped at ANY cost.

After Thunderwing lands on the planet, Broadside, together with Scoop and Roadbuster keep an eye on him, until they are forced to retreat when their target explodes. The three are ordered to get his attention, which works, and all three of them are blown away by a clap of Thunderwings’ hands.

When the Decepticons arrive as assistance, and Optimus Prime brings in the Centurion Drones, it seems they might have a small chance, but then Thunderwing changes into some sort of Ultra mode. Eventually, Thunderwing runs out of Ultra Energon, and he is taken down.


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