Transformation Sequence


Character Sheet



Allegiance: Decepticon
Subgroup: Squadron XI

? BCE (The Golden Age; Before the First Ark)

Corhall was born on Cybertron and was almost part of the original Ark going to the Benzuli Expanse with Nova Prime. As a high ranking police officer enforcing a law that he thought was too soft on the transformers, he knew more about Nova’s “expansion” plan than most transformers. Although not completely part of Nova’s inner circle, he was close enough to feel the drops when it rained. He wasn’t happy with being left behind when Nova flew off, but was willing to oversee the situation on Cybertron to keep Nova informed. He was raging when he lost contact with the Ark, and spent decades regretting the order to stay behind.

? BCE (Before the Great War)

. (rebuilt into Duo-Former)

? BCE (Beginning of the Great War)

Corhall earned his new name when he switched sides to the Decepticon cause. As commanding law enforcer of Stanix he had a lot of higher up contacts. He requisted a meeting with the governers and council of Stanix, and when they all arrived, he blew them all up. His careful setup and subsequent destroy and Decepticon dominance of Stanix earned him the name Deathtrap. Megatron enjoyed his cunning and cultivated his inherant cruelty, keeping him close as an advisor secondary only to Soundwave.

? BCE (The Great War)

Deathtrap was given orders to form his own unit after the Wreckers destroyed Squadron X. He started sifting through the Decepticon ranks to find the most cruel, ruthless and cunning warriors he could find, and combine them into a Squadron XI. Able to battle the Wreckers and solve gone-out-of-hand situations for which Megatron was loathe to use his Phase Sixers. After many successes, and gaining the proper backing, Deathtrap had himself rebuilt again into a combination of his two forms, allowing him to have a third alt-mode, and a third robot mode; Deathwing. Deathwing became the embodiment of fear of many an autobot unit, because when he and his squadron arrived, it meant Megatron had given up on the planet, and wished it completely obliterated.


2006 (Escalation)

Session 8 – On the orders of Megatron, Deathwing moved his team towards Severus-3 to inspect Exitium and his infiltration unit. Apon arriving in the Severus system, they discovered a stolen Decepticon vessel, the Intruder in orbit around Severus-3. He ordered his team to continue on towards the surface while he inspected the ship. After staying cloaked and close, he noticed an Autobot vessel dock. Now knowing for sure the Autobots were the ones that stole the vessel, he attacked. Only 8 energon signatures could be found, and they would hardly be a match for him. He split into Deathtrap and Razorwing, and assaulted the ship from both sides.

The enemy surprised him by managing to escape from the ship. He himself had done a lot of damage to it, and, after reforming and leaving, he allowed the ship to fall down into the planet’s ocean. He ordered his team to locate and intercept the fleeing silver spaceship that the Autobots used to escape him.

Squadron XI managed to track down the shuttle to Switserland. There, they noticed several humanoids in uniforms closing in on thier position. They did what they normally do, and killed more then a hundred humans. One of the escaped Autobots was found spying on their destruction, and Deathwing ordered the group to hunt him down and contain him.


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