Senator Decimus is, for the most part, a rich jerk. It’s not exactly his fault, as he’s a product of his times. He certainly lacks the scheming and ambition of his fellow senator Ratbat, but like most members of the Senate from his time period, he’s simply lost touch with anything but maintaining the comfortable lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed. In another era, he’d simply be a harmless dignitary, but with the class struggle erupting from his continued automation of the asteroid energon mines, he’s sitting on a powder-keg just waiting to blow.


Affiliation; Autobot

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 1 – Senator Decimus arrived on Mining Outpost C-12 to tell the miners that they were going to be relocated to another place, and another home. He knew they didn’t like it, but he simply didn’t care; the mine was going to be automated to save money. During his speech, all the miners were assembled, and one of them voiced a lot of complains. Decimus had the miner beat down by his guards, which inspired a lot of anger in the miners. Eventually, it was one miner, Megatron, who threw his pick-axe into Decimus’ shoulder, wounding the senator, and causing a major revolt of the miners against the Autobots. All the miners were subsequently shot down, and dumped in a shuttle to be moved to a Penal Facility. While Decimus was having his shoulder repaired on board his own ship, a message came from the prisoners’ vessel. Decimus’ ship was shot down, and crashed somewhere around the Kaon region.

Megatron Origin 3 – Senator Decimus gets awarded a statue for “outstanding dedication to the state and it’s people”. Proclaiming it to be an honor, his speech gets interrupted by Thundercracker flying over the crowd with a massive sonic boom. Skywarp then teleports in, and shoots Decimus’ guards, Starscream, together with Thundercacker, then assaults the remaining guards from above, and kidnaps the senator.
A short time later, Megatron gives his rousing speech, and Thundercracker and Skywarp drag the senator into the arena. Megatron throws him before his gladiators, telling them to start making an impression. Before any Decepticon can touch him, the Autobots attack and apprehend as much gladiators as possible.

Megatron Origin 4 – Starscream is brought before the senate, and listens to a list of his crimes. After the senate tries to remove him, Starscream transforms his arms into his wellknown guns, and, together with Soundwave, butchers the entire senate.


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