Dinobot is a Predacon ruled by honor. He lives to die gloriously in battle. When he aided Megatron in the theft of the Golden Disk, Dinobot believed he was in the pursuit of endless glory. As befits a warrior of his stature, Dinobot is skilled in all forms of combat. He wields a spinning sword and a rotating blade, both which are his preferred means of battle, though he has been known to use ranged weapons such as his laser eye-beams or a simple handheld gun.


Affilitation: Predacon
Continuity; Primax Cluster (Beast Wars)

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Session 5 – After waiting for his commanders’ return for days, he discovered several cybertronians hiding in a nearby building. Blasting the building with a bomb, the building crashed, burying two of them. Dinobot immediatly challenged the strongest fighter to a melee, but got shot to slag by the rest of the crew. His defunct body was dragged aboard the ship.


Transformers - Tempus Exitium Slain