Dogfight is tough, unflinching, and extremely aggressive. He is a skilled air warrior, and with grim humor will refer to a hard-fought aerial combat as a “dance of doom”. Despite Optimus Prime’s teaching of mechano-meditation, Dogfight remains violent-tempered and easily provoked. He is extremely protective of his personal airspace and will readily attack any who approach him with unclear intentions.

Dogfight’s short temper is not all there is to him, however, nor is he a purely ruthless fighter like Sunstreaker. He does value life; he does value friendship. He knows from sad experience that the merest indecision on a warrior’s part may bring defeat in battle, perhaps permanently. Worse, it may mean deactivation or damage to friends, or to non-combatant bystanders. At the same time, he knows that rashness may bring the same result. So, while his quick temper does control him at times, at others he uses it to motivate him, and in the midst of rushing madly upon an enemy he will do his level best to preserve a fragment of his wits, and to fight with lethal skill as well as fury. He is a dangerous opponent.

Besides his temper, his greatest weakness is his great flying skill. Like Powerglide, he is an aerial acrobat who can often outmaneuver a larger foe or one with heavier weapons or stronger armor; even one who is faster in level flight. Such airborne acrobatics earned him his name, but can also earn him a mid-air stall, and a potentially fatal fall. So far, he has managed to recover from these.


Affiliation: Autobot

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Stormbringer 4 – Dogfight helps rebuilt the Centurion Drones to aid in the battle against Thunderwing.


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