In a race of fighting machines, Dropshot is a fighting machine. He’s always the first to throw a punch or shoot a missile, and he doesn’t care if he’s the only one actually fighting. He believes that anyone who doesn’t retaliate is a coward who deserves the beating he gladly dishes out. He never needs a reason to fight, nor does he care about the success or failure of his team. All that matters is having someone to hurt. For obvious reasons, the other Decepticons avoid him unless they can channel his anger towards some Autobots.


Affilitation: Decepticon

2002 (Infiltration)

Session 2 – Dropshot is stationed on Severus-3 where he’s seemingly guarding a wooden lodge. While simply doing his job, the lodge around him gets blasted into splinters by the Autobot Bladespark. Taking off, Dropshot returns fire, but it is not until Impact arrives on the scene that he managed to take the chopper down. He also manages to knock down Libris, and eventually ends up chasing Roadkill off the battlefield. After they are all aware that human forces are arriving on the scene, Impact orders Dropshot to Bounce out of the area.


Transformers - Tempus Exitium Slain