Affiliation; Autobot

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 2 – Fastback was listening to Prowl’s briefing on the illegal gladiator matches, until Sentinel Prime came in and started telling people what the plan will be to catch these criminals. Fastback was teamed up with Bumper as a scout team that would search possible arena locations. For several cycles, they waited while nothing happened, until the Constructicons came in. They discovered the arena was built on site, and saw the Constructicons kill cybertronians for raw materials. Eventually, Megatron came in with Rumble and Frenzy who were approached by Soundwave. During the conversation between Megatron and Soundwave, Fastback and Bumper were discovered. Fastback was attacked and knocked out by Laserbeak and Buzzsaw, and drawn before Megatron. Before he could say anything, Megatron crushed his head under his foot.


Transformers - Tempus Exitium Slain