A Brown/Green van with a big book on the side of it.



A small Brown van with a big book on the side of it. It is a normal van nothing strange on it except for bit spotlights on top of it. A winch is attached on his back bumper. When changed his side panels form into his legs with the back wheels next to it and the front doors are the arms with the front wheels attached to it. His chest is his front windows that are extra strong behind it a few lab tools are to be seen.

On his back there is a part of Repair tools. He can change his hands in Lab tools or in Repair tools. He also has got small digits to use computers or do some fine manipulation.


He is damaged goods, his past has brought him mental scars and sometimes it seems he switches personalities sometimes. One time doing the right thing and the other time talking about doing things that are percieved as wrong just to get the job done. He is friendly but sometimes he gets fed up and he becomes sarcastic and cynical.

Now the events going on in his life at the moment are stressing on him and his personality seems to change somewhat from time to time. He is not likely to betray his friends but who knows for sure?

Transformation Sequence


Character Sheet

Name: Libris Sex: Male
Race: Cybertronian Size: Large
Move: 40
Strength: 10 +0 Hitpoints 59
Dexterity 14 +2 Hit Dice 8
Constitution 12 +1 Armor Class (Mech) 22
Intelligence 21 +5 Armor Class (Alt) 22
Wisdom 14 +2 Base Attack +4
Charisma 12 +1 Initiative +2
Armor Class (Mech) 22: Base 10 +2 (Dex), +6 (Class), +5 (Armor Boost), -1 (Size)
Armor Class (Alt) 22: Base 10 +2 (Dex), +6 (Class), +5 (Armor Boost), -1 (Size)
Initiative 2: +2 (Dexterity Modifier)
Experience Level 8 (Scientist 8)
Got 32.000
Need 35.000
Skills Feats
Skill Name: Ability: Points: Misc: Total
Acrobatics Dex +1 1 Armor Boost
Athletics Str +0 0 Armor Boost
Build/Repair (Complex) CT Int +5 11 13 29 Armor Boost
Build/Repair (Simple) C Int +5 11 13 29 Armor Boost
Computer Use CT Int +5 11 16 Armor Boost
Concentration C Con +1 1 Skill Focus: Build Repair Complex
Disguise C Cha +1 1 Skill Focus: Build Repair Simple
Fine Manipulation C Dex +2 3 5 Iron Will
Interaction Cha +1 1 Lab Tools
Knowledge (Cybertronian History) CT Int +5 11 16 Mini Digits
Knowledge (Galaxy) CT Int +5 11 16 Repair Tools
Knowledge (Severus-3 Biology) CT Int +5 11 8 24 Skill Focus Knowledge Serverus-3 Biology
Knowledge (Severus-3 Biology) CT (Healing) Int +5 11 8 24 Lightning Reflexes (Bonus Feat)
Knowledge (Severus-3 Culture) CT Int +5 5 10
Knowledge (Severus-3 Geography) CT Int +5 5 10
Knowledge (Severeus-3 History) CT Int +5 5 10
Knowledge (Warfare) CT Int +5 -
Pilot C Dex +2 8 10
Programming (Craft) CT Dex +2 11 13
Programming (Profession) CT Wis +2 11 13
Senses C Wis +2 11 13
Stealth Dex +2 -4 -2
Max Class Skill 11
Saving Throws
Fortitude +7
Reflex +10
Will +10
Mech Form Single Attacks
Weapon Damage Critical Type Range Attack
Blaster Pistol 3d6 19/20 x3 Energon 200 ft. +5
Flamethrower 4d8 - Fire 0 – 60 ft. +6
Shell Launcher 4d8 - Energon 50ft. – 200 ft. +5
Unarmed Attack 2d6 20 / x2 Energon - +3
Gear Light Source
Tech Gear Lab Tools: 5
Repair Tools: 5
Cybertron Force Shield
Communication Jammer
Internal Communications (Scrambled)
Van Mode Base Move (10’ sq): 8
Top Speed (50’ sq): 16
Top Speed (500’ sq): 2
Top Speed (MPH): 91
Manouverability: Average
Acceleration: 2/.5
Special Power Energy 32 points total
Medium Energon Touch (heals 3d8+8) 4 point
*Force Shield (+4 AC for 8 minutes) 2 point
Abilities Bonus Points: 0
Damage Reduction (Energon): 10/Energon
Damage Reduction (Total): 8/-
- Damage Reduction (Large): 8/-
Database: You pick up a lot of stray knowledge while conducting
research. When confronted with a topic in which you do not have any
relevant knowledge, you may still remember something useful about it.
Make a database check with a bonus equal to your scientist level + your
Intelligence modifier to see whether you know some relevant information
about a particular person, place, or thing.(No take 10 or 20)
Medic 1: Libris may use Build/Repair (simple) to perform
battlefield repairs.
Knack Build/Repair Simple Machines: Libris may add his level to
Build/Repair Simple Machines Skill Check.
Knack Build/Repair Complex Machines: Libris may add his level to
Build/Repair Complex Machines Skill Check.

Affiliation; Autobot
Function; Scientist
Universe; Primax 710.9 Romeo

On Cybertron Libris was a scientist and a Biologist/Medic who was part of a team who thought they where on the verge of creating a new form of artificial energon, they tried to combine organic components they found on their planetary reconesense, Libris knowing science and Biology was chosen together with some other Autobots to try to connect the Code and Organic matter. They really thought that this surrogat Energon would help them in dire times when they couldn’t mine, the experiment went really well until Libris found out that a string of the code they where using was corrupted, time after time Libris tried to warn his colleagues but they said Libris was overworked. They started to test the substitute Energon even if Libris would oppose against it. In the beginning it went all perfect it seemed to work, after 3 tests they realised that the surrogat Energon was unstable and was dismantling the Mecha’s who where part of the tests. They ceased testing but after months of research in which Libris tried too help they thought they had the formula as it should be. The testing began again and everything went really well Mecha’s where not falling apart, they started to test on bigger scale. In a big experiment where they tried to create a huge ammount of Energon it seemed too fail so Libris decided to go to the core of the machine that creates the Energon and found out that there was a corruption in the code again. The Energon became unstable and a huge Energon explosion occured, all the scientists died including a few innocent people who where around the facility. Libris was the only one who survived, he was lucky to be in the core of the machine, the most safe play with the thickest shield against Energon blasts.

There where a lot of rescue workers trying to find survivors but they only found Libris under rubble of once was the core. Libris was taken care off and healed properly. Libris was then taken into custody and brought before the high counsil of Kaon.

The highcounsil in Kaon decided that Libris had to work in mines for 20 years. As they shipped off libris to the mines he worked there for 2 years until he was taken by the guards. He was brought to the mine supervisor, Libris was told he had a choice. He could keep on working in the mines or work for the Database mainframe as a keeper of knowledge. Libris took the job and became a keeper of Knowledge. After working there for several years he got a other position,
he was to go by Mecha’s who where sick or dying or unable to share Knowledge and to record their lifes for the Database.

During the mining revolt on Mining Outpost C-12, Libris was caught in the cross-fire when the Autobots tried to subdue the miners. He was shot and went into stasis lock. Considered partially dead, Megatron left him behind on the shuttle when he hid it in Kaon, but Libris was eventually found by an Autobot scout party thousands on years later. They dragged him out and repaired him, and Libris woke up in the middle of the Great War.

Libris came into hard contact with the failed cybertronic/organic experiments once again when he was ordered to share the knowledge he had with Jetfire. Thunderwing had used to early notes of Libris’ experiments to eventually grow it into the Polydermal Grafting, mixing his own body with organics. This process made Thunderwing insane, and nigh-unstoppable. It took the combined forces of both Autobot and Decepticon to try and stop him, and in the end Cybertron suffered so much damage, that it became uninhabitable. Libris saw his own research being used to destroy his home planet.

He was eventually assigned to a commander who took his crew to Severus-3 to find and uproot a Decepticon infiltration unit there.

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

2006 (Escalation)

Session 7 – .

Session 8 – .

Session 9 – .


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