Optimus Prime

Leader of the Autobots


Optimus Prime is the awe-inspiring leader of the Autobot forces. Originally a mere civilian, he was chosen by the Matrix to command, the first in a number of heavy burdens he has been forced to bear. Another is his bringing of the Transformers’ conflict to Earth. The complete opposite of his mortal enemy Megatron, every casualty, human or Cybertronian, weighs heavily on his spark. He does not show this side to his soldiers, and he never succumbs to despair. The Autobots need a decisive, charismatic leader, and that is what he gives them. It was that leadership which turned the tide of the Great War.

On the battlefield, there are few who rival Optimus Prime’s prowess. He is easily the strongest of any Autobot his size, and his ion blaster and his energon-axe are deadly weapons. He would sacrifice his life to protect his fellow Autobots or those under their care, and does so on a regular basis. His compassion for other sentient beings is his only real weakness, and one the Decepticons have taken advantage of time and again… though it’s also the source of his strength!


Affiliation; Autobot
Function; Prime

h4. ? BCE (Before the Great War)

-Optronicx- Optimus at a funeral

Megatron Origin 3 – Optimus attends the funeral of Fastback and Bumper.

? BCE (Beginning of the Great War)

Optimus convinces Blurr to the Autobot cause

Spotlight: Blurr – Optimus, together with Kup and Ironhide, is part of an Autobot team trying to prevent a Decepticon assassination team from taking out Zeta Prime. When Ironhide saves Blurr when he accidently drives into the firefight, Optimus sees a solution to their problem. Although Kup disagrees, Optimus sees quick decision-making in the racer, and asks him to assist them in preventing the assassination of Zeta Prime. Blurr, having just seen Piston dead, agrees, and joins the Autobots.

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

About to assault Blugeon’s base

Stormbringer 4 – After realizing that the destruction of the Axis Cradle only resulted in Thunderwing‘s return to Cybertron, Prime orders the Wreckers to attack him, and he orders Jetfire to keep searching for any other option besides just shooting him. As the Wreckers assault the living weapon, Prime remains in Bludgeon’s base with Jetfire and the Technobots. Eventually, Jetfire claims he found something, explaining tha the Ultra Energon Thunderwing runs on is feeding on itself, and if he uses enough of it, he’ll shut down eventually.

Prime, with the help of Dogfight, gets a unit of Centurion Drones ready, and uses them to attack Thunderwing. Although the Drones are swept aside easily, and Thunderwing goes into some sort of ultra-mode, Prime doesn’t relent or give up. He continues to blast at Thunderwing, and eventually their plan works, and Thunderwing goes down.

Session 5 – After taking care of Thunderwing, Optimus was approached by a unit of soldiers from which he recognized Roadhugger and Libris. This group explained to him what they were hunting for, the Golden Disc, and that the order to save the future, and all Cybertronians, from a new Megatron, came from Vector Prime himself. After analyzing the data and seeing the groups passion for their mission, Optimus allowed them to go into the very heart of Cybertron, and gave them codes to call on him personally for sharing information if the need would arise. After this, the group left.

Stormbringer 4 – Prime demands more answers about what happened on Cybertron, with Bludgeon and Thunderwing. While back on Ark-27, Jetfire says that he found a project called Regenisis, and that it led Bludgeon to Earth. Having received a distress signal from Prowl on Earth already, Prime orders Crosshairs to fly them to Earth.

Optimus Prime

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