Piston is a member of Blurr’s pit team, though his hard work is often overlooked by his supercilious boss who prefers to hang out with other racers. Despite the fact that Blurr can’t even remember his name, Piston remains cheerful and upbeat.


Affiliation; Autobot

h4. ? BCE (Beginning of the Great War)

Piston changing Blurr’s mind.

Spotlight: Blurr – Piston works in a garage of the racing circuit with Blurr. Although he tries to get the big racer to notice him, Blurr can’t even remember his name. When the races are closed down by Zeta Prime, Piston joins the Autobots, and tells Blurr he should join the good guys.
A short time later, Piston gets in a firefight between a Decepticon assassination team hunting for Zeta Prime, and the Autobot unit he’s a part of that’s trying to stop them. This gets piston killed.


Transformers - Tempus Exitium Slain