Cold-blooded and obsessed with efficiency, Ratbat’s primary concern is looking out for himself. He treats his responsibilities, whether as a fuel auditor or as leader of Decepticons, as a business. In his book, everything comes down to profit and loss.

In his role as fuel scout, Ratbat carries sensors that allow him to detect and evaluate the quality of fuels of various types, from primitive hydrocarbons to Energon. He can process any number of these different fuels to power himself.

Although obsessed with efficiency, like any good CEO, Ratbat allows himself a small indulgence: He enjoys sinking his fangs into the fuel tanks of Terran automobiles, the more expensive the better. He enjoys nothing more than savoring high-test gasoline siphoned from a hapless yuppie’s Mercedes or BMW.


Affilitation: Decepticon

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 2 – Ratbat was a senator that had the job of applicating wisdom through judgment, but besides that, he was involved in a variety of somewhat illegal activities. He would instigate revolts by fueling both parties, mess with large business until the stocks dropped and he could buy major ownership. At some point, his eye fell on news about illegal gladitorial matches that were being taped and sold throughout the Cybertron underworld. He then ordered Soundwave to grant the most famous of the gladiators, Megatron, free weapons and technology, hoping for more instability he could profit from.

Megatron Origin 3 – Ratbat watches reports of what’s happening to Kaon; security forces being shot, poisoning of food supplies and the destruction of transport centers being but a few. He realizes things have gotten out of control and starts planning his next move.

Megatron Origin 4 – When Ratbat next meets up with Soundwave, he’s busy packing his belongings for a move to Iacon. He explains to Soundwave the rest of the Senators didn’t agree, and that he had killed them all. At the end of his explenation, Soundwave shoots him, and puts his spark into a casette.


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