Know that when the Predacons are on the hunt, their leader Razorclaw is all business. Every drop of fuel in his system and every thought in his processor are dedicated to the task at hand, and he often lies in wait, completely motionless, for long stretches of time. Fools confuse this for laziness. Many of them have become his prey.

Like all the Predacons, Razorclaw revels in the hunt. And the only thing he appreciates more than an easy kill is one earned in battle with worthy prey. In these situations, Razorclaw prefers to face his foe with honor. It costs him little to give them a well-earned moment of dignity, as their ultimate fate will remain the same.


Affiliation: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Predacon

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 3 – Razorclaw is seen going to a secret location where Megatron will give a speech and starts forming the Decepticons. Unfortunatly, the Autobots know the location, and attack, imprisoning as many of the gladiators as possible.

Megatron Origin 4 – Razorclaw is a witness to Megatron killing Sentinel Prime during the fall of Kaon.

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Razorclaw speaks to Rampage aboard the Thanatos

Stormbringer 4Rampage and Razorclaw watch as the Wreckers attempt to stop Thunderwing on Cybertron’s surface. Thinking of the warriors are worthy, he orders Divebomb to take a squad down to the surface and assist the Autobots. He notes that once they reach the orbital barrage threshhold, Divebomb should let them all burn.

Session 5 – While watching his soldiers and the Autobots fight Thunderwing on Cybertron’s surface, he noticed Rampage speaking across a communication channel. Not caring whoever he was talking to, Razorclaw ordered the crew of the newly arrived ship to the surface to aid in the fight.

Stormbringer 4 – Once all the Centurion Drones on the surface are blasted to scrap, and the threshold is coming closer, Razorclaw orders his troops to retreat. He eventually stops the orbital barrage when he sees Thunderwing fall.


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