Transformation Sequence


Character Sheet

Move70 ft.
Dexterity20+5Hit Dice5
Constitution12+1Armor Class (Mech)21
Intelligence14+2Armor Class (Alt)20
Wisdom10+0Base Attack+3
Armor Class (Mech)21: Base 10 +5 (Dex), +5 (Class), +2 (Armor Boost), -1 (Size)
Armor Class (Alt)20: Base 10 +5 (Dex), +5 (Class), +2 (Armor Boost), -2 (Size)
Initiative5: +5 (Dexterity Modifier)
ExperienceLevel 5 (Scout 5)
Skill NameAbilityPointsMiscTotal
Acrobatics CDex +58215Armor Boost
Athletics CStr +088Armor Boost
Build/Repair (Complex) TInt +2-Combat Pilot
Build/Repair (Simple) CInt +22High Performance
Computer Use CTInt +2810Increased Acceleration
Concentration CCon +11Point Blank Shot
Disguise CCha +189Sleek Build
Fine Manipulation CDex +5-41Track
Interaction CCha +189Vehicle Ramming
Knowledge (Cybertronian History) TInt +2-
Knowledge (Galaxy) CTInt +2810
Knowledge (Planet Biology) TInt +2-
Knowledge (Planet Culture) CTInt +2-
Knowledge (Planet Geography) CTInt +2-
Knowledge (Planet History) TInt +2-
Knowledge (Warfare) TInt +2-
Pilot CDex +5813
Pilot C (Avoid Puncture)Dex +58417
Pilot C (Hazards)Dex +58720
Pilot C (Slick Surface)Dex +58417
Programming (Craft) CTDex +5-
Programming (Profession) CTWis +1-
Senses CWis +189
Stealth CDex +58-211
Max Class Skill8
Saving Throws
Mech FormSingle Attacks
Blaster Pistol3d619/20 x3Energonwithin 30 ft.+8
Blaster Pistol S3d6+1d619/20 x3Energonwithin 30 ft.+8
Blaster Pistol3d619/20 x3Energon200 ft.+7
Flamethrower4d8-Firewithin 30 ft.+8
Flamethrower4d8-Fire0 – 60 ft.+7
Shell Launcher4d8-Energon50ft. – 200 ft.+7
Unarmed Attack2d620 / x2Energon-+2
S: Sneak Attack
GearLow-Light Sensors
Radar (Energon)
Special Tires
- All-Weather
- Puncture Proof
- Snow Tires
Reinforced Bumper
Tech GearMotion Sensors
Landrover ModeBase Move (10’ sq): 8
Top Speed (50’ sq): 18
Top Speed (500’ sq): 2
Top Speed (MPH): 102
Manouverability: Average
Acceleration: 2/.5
Special PowerEnergy14 points total
Hologram3 point
Mass Shifting-
AbilitiesBonus Points: 3
Damage Reduction (Energon): 10/Energon
Damage Reduction (Total): 8/-
- Damage Reduction (Huge): 8/-
Sneak Attack: 1d6
Stealth 1: Roadkill may move at full speed while in Stealth without invoking the -5 penalty.
Tracker 1: Track as a bonus feat

Affiliation; Autobot
Universe; Primax 710.9 Romeo

? BCE (The Golden Age; Before the First Ark)

As Arcee was the first in Jhiaxus’ experiments to force differents sexes in the cybertronian race, Roadkill was one of the last. As Arcee was a failed experiment, Roadkill seems to be a little more balanced. Jhiaxus had probably learned from his early mistakes, but Roadkill wasn’t a complete success. She was only discovered after the first Ark left for the Benzuli Expanse, and therefor got news that her “recreator” had disappeared. She didn’t take it well. Roadkill tried to live with her altered CNA, but she well realized that she was different than all the other cybertronians. Eventually, she left Cybertron to find an existence on another planet.

? BCE (During the Great War)

Decades later, word reached her that there was an all-out war on Cybertron between to factions; the Autobots and the Decepticons. She returned to Cybertron, and eventually enlisted on the side of the Autobots, knowing that a scientist named Thunderwing was on the Decepticons’ side and doing vile experiments. She fought in the war for millenia, until she was approached by Arcee, who was hunting Jhiaxus’ experiments, and destroying them.

Given their similarities, it was for the first time and Roadkill actually met someone that was exactly like her. Arcee didn’t take any part in the war, for she only wanted to find and kill Jhiaxus, and Roadkill decided to help her. Not by direct confrontation, but by funneling information to her, giving Arcee an ally in a very useful place.

Eventually, contact between Roadkill and Arcee broke, with the last message being that she was going to investigate an uninteresting planet called Severus-3.

2006 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

2007 (Escalation)

Session 7 – .

Session 8 – Roadkill is saved from the destruction of the Anarcon ship by Silver Claw, and eventually taken apart by Libris, who stores her parts in himself and some of the other Anarcons.


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