Seawing is an expert “phantom” of the deep. An ominous, fear-cloaked presence he glides down silently behind friend or foe alike, just on the edge of vision, a true terror in the darkness, thrilling to his own ghost-like power and always ready to strike. Seawing makes no secret of his desire for command, the only question is how high he truly means to rise. He believes his ability to inspire fear makes him uniquely suited for the role of leader and patiently prepares himself for that day. Seawing is intelligent, relentless, and takes real joy in his work. His only real weakness lies in his optics, tuned specifically to the dark sea depths… like all good spooks, specters and ghosts, Seawing hates bright lights.


Affiliation; Decepticon

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 2 – Seawing was attending illegal gladitorial combat as part of the audience cheering Megatron to kill Cy-Kill.


Transformers - Tempus Exitium Slain