Sentinel Prime


Affiliation; Autobot
Function; Prime

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 1 – In the ancient past of Cybertron’s peace time, Sentinel Prime was the leader of an Autobot police force serving in Kaon. He was a warrior in peace time, loaded with heavy weaponry, in the worst part of the worst city on Cybertron. He was approached by Prowl with a report of a life-threatening attack on a senator. He simply told Prowl to do his job, and thought nothing of it, he appearant disgust for the senate prevailing.

Megatron Origin 2 – When the underground gladiator combat got out of hand, he personally instructed the Autobots on how and what they were going to do to prevent this from getting any bigger, and apprehanding the gladiators. He personally swore that Megatron will hang.

Megatron Origin 3 – Sentinel Prime gives a rousing speech when Fastback and Bumper, security officers he himselfs set out to find the gladiators, are buried. He tells his fellow Autobots to learn a lesson from this, and uses the two spies’ death to spur them into working harder at finding the gladiators.
When Megatron’s gladiators were about to kill senator Decimus, Sentinel Prime fired the first shot that caused the Autobots to attack the assembled gladiators. Megatron had called them all to him, and so the Autobots had an easy time picking them all up and imprisoning them. When Megatron was down, Sentinel Prime personally inspected him, wondering what was so bad about him.
In the Kaon Autobot Security HQ a guard was complaning to Sentinel Prime that they passed capacity already. He said they just needed to get creative. One guard told him that there was a direct senate’s order for Soundwave’s release, so Sentinel Prime told Soundwave to beat it, releasing him.

Megatron Origin 4 – Sentinel Prime led the counter-offensive against the captured gladiators who were laying waste to Kaon. Seeing as their communications were being scrambled, and they were badly outnumbered, Prime decided to ge the Apex armor. Along his way there, he blasted Motormaster out of the way. With his armor, he singlehandedly stopped the assault, until Megatron found him. Prime blasted Megatron with everything he had, and requested Hound, the eyes of the Apex armor, to find him some fresh targets. His reply was Hound’s wrecked body being dumped in front of him. Megatron soon followed, and tore Prime out of the armor and eventually beat him to death. His body was dumped behind the Autobots’ lines, and they ordered a retreat from Kaon.

Sentinel Prime

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