Predator leader Skyquake is driven-you might say consumed-by a pathological hatred of anything and anyone that is not 100% pure evil. This leaves him with many targets of contempt even among the Decepticon forces. That rage, however, does not blind or control him. In battle, Skyquake is a cold, calculating destroyer, attributes which also even apply to his contempt for the Autobots. When he locks together with the smaller Predators under his command, he magnifies his long-range supersight abilities and enables instant communication with the minds of his underlings.

Skyquake even hates the small groups of Decepticons put under his command, and often subjects them to his experiments in body-structure science. His hatred is magnified by the sheer amounts of sensors built into his body; he’s able to absorb such vast amounts of information, his apparent clairvoyance seems supernatural to those around him. He can literally smell fear and taste betrayal.

It’s currently unknown what is up with his paint job. Theories range from malfunctioning optical sensors to never seeing his own reflection.


Affiliation; Decepticon

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 2 – Skyquake was attending illegal gladitorial combat as part of the audience cheering Megatron to kill Cy-Kill.


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