Soundwave is one of Megatron’s most reliable troops, and he has positioned himself comfortably and irreplaceably in Megatron’s upper command structure. He stands at the Decepticon leader’s side as a confidant. Though “only” Communications Officer, he is comparable to Starscream and Shockwave in rank and is the only one of the three to display consistent loyalty to Megatron. Soundwave guards his place in the hierarchy fiercely. Other Decepticons (except Megatron) see him as a two-faced snake, since, as Communications Officer, Soundwave hears all and doesn’t hesitate to use blackmail to keep himself high in Megatron’s esteem. The other Decepticons wouldn’t mind abandoning him on the battlefield—if they thought Megatron would let them get away with it.

Soundwave commands a legion of cassette troops to carry out tasks big and small. He has a symbiotic relationship with them, providing them transportation and a cheap, if cramped, place to live in his chest. Sometimes he lets them all out to watch impromptu gladiator games or takes them to discotheques. In return, they perform spy and recon missions for him and make sure no one calls him “un-krozzo-matic”.

He usually has all the personality of a stump (as evidenced by his computer-style speech). He also has no imagination, sending the aforementioned cassettes on operations with mundane names.

Soundwave’s scanning systems are so powerful that he can actually read and decode the electrical impulses that comprise “thoughts” in both organics and Cybertronians. This telepathic power is likely one of the reasons why he is so highly placed in Megatron’s hierarchy.


Affiliation; Decepticon

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 2 – Soundwave, under orders from his master, Ratbat, approached Megatron during the creation of a new arena for the illegal gladitorial combat. He showed him holograms of weapons, and the technology to use them. Introducing himself, and speaking to Megatron, the latter discovered two Autobots spying on them. Soundwave then unleashed Buzzsaw, Laserbeak and Ravage on the two spies, quickly knocking them out. After Megatron killed Fastback, and Bumper refused to talk, Soundwave, together with Laserbeak read his mind, proclaiming that the Autobots were hunting the gladiators, with Megatron as their prime target. After revealing this information, Megatron ripped Bumper in half.

Megatron asks Soundwave to find a flight-capable combatant.

Megatron Origin 3 – Soundwave arrives in a safehouse, where Swindle is at a console. After showing his Decepticon symbol, Soundwave is allowed inside, but Swindle tells him to be careful, considering the boss just lost an arm. Soundwave walks inside, telling Megatron he has the flight-capable combatant; three of them. Presenting themselves are Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp.
Right before Megatron’s speech to all the assembled gladiators, Soundwave was witness to both Rumble and Frenzy trying to persuade Megatron to abandon his plan. Megatron didn’t agree, and Frenzy and Rumble were put under Soundwave’s command.
Soon after Megatron’s speech that would form the Decepticons, the Autobots attacked and imprisoned as many gladiators as possible. Soundwave was also taken to the Kaon Autobot Security HQ, but quickly released on a senators’ orders.

Megatron Origin 4 – Starscream is brought before the senate and listens to a list of his crimes. After the senate says that Starscream holds them in contempt, and try to remove him, Starscream attacks the senate. Soundwave joins him, together with Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ravage and Frenzy. He then orders Starscream to continue with the plan.
Soundwave and his troops return to the Kaon Autobot Security HQ where the prisoners are released, and arm them all. When the killcrazy former prisoners go out to kill everyone in Kaon, Soundwave visits his master, Ratbat.
Ratbat had just killed his coworkers, and was gathering his things to move to Iacon. He wondered where Sounwave was, who exclaimed that the gladiator assignment took more time than estimated. Ratbat learned quickly that Soundwave was loyal to Megatron, as his former minion blasted a hole in his chest, and put his spark in a mechanical device he ejected from his chest.
Returning to the battlefield, Soundwave was just in time to see Megatron kill Sentinel Prime. After the Autobots retreated from Kaon, Soundwave asked Megatron what his plans were. Megatron said he had a few ideas…


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