Spinister is mysterious… terribly mysterious. He cannot cut guns in half with his mind, though he has been known to wield a gun that separates into two Nebulans. These dumb stubbies are Singe and Hairsplitter, if this really matters to anyone.

This grim air warrior seems far more independent of mind than the common Decepticon, though he doesn’t go in for the outright mutiny for which Starscream is noted. When he spots unrecognized potential in the Decepticon ranks, however, he may well bring the would-be warrior under his tutelage without the knowledge or permission of his superior officers.

A closed book to the Decepticons, Spinister is a dark menace to his Autobot enemies. Often, the first warning of his approach is the gentle note of a detonating fusion bomb or the delightful hiss of metal boiling away under an assault of charged particles from his beam cannon. How he is so terribly sneaky is unclear, but rumor has it that he has beaten the Romulans by centuries and developed a cloaking device. However, if he has, he hasn’t spoken to anybody about it.

Quiet and mysterious, that’s how he likes to be and how he intends to stay. Speaking his mind would prevent the whole mysterious, shadow-warrior thing from working. One must wonder how much even his binary-bonded companions know about him.

Also, his name is cooler than Slayride and Sinnertwin combined.


Affiliation; Decepticon

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 2 – Spinister was attending illegal gladitorial combat as part of the audience cheering Megatron to kill Cy-Kill.

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Stormbringer 4 – .


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