Thundercracker claims the skies as his arena. He looks down in contempt on those who cannot leave the ground — he considers them lesser beings. He will often attack the flightless beings below him for no other reason than to satisfy his scorn.

His superiority in this realm is the only thing he is sure of. Thundercracker is not entirely committed to the Decepticon cause, and even has some seemingly contradictory sympathy for the humans they terrorize. Fear of retribution from Megatron and the influence of his peers is usually enough to bury these doubts. Regardless, he needs constant reassurance that he’s where he needs to be. Sometimes, his heart’s just not in the job.


Affiliation: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Seekers

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Megatron Origin 3 – Thundercracker is introduced to Megatron by Soundwave as a flight-capable combatant. After his commander, Starscream swears undying allegiance to Megatron, they are all disappointed when they hear they will not be fighting in the Arena. Megatron proclaims he has a better job for them, and sends them to be modified by Hook.
Some time later, at the unveiling of a statue of senator Decimus, Thundercracker flies over the crowd, attracting attention, while Skywarp teleports in and kills some of Decimus’ guards. Together with Starscream, Thundercracker strafes the rest of the guards, and kidnaps senator Decimus.
After Megatron’s speech at the assembled gladiators, the Autobots attack, imprisoning many of the gladiators. Thundercracker ends up in a cell in the Kaon Autobot Security HQ with Megatron and Starscream. Right after Starscream talks to a guard, Megatron screams traitor, and orders Starscream killed. Before the job can be done, Starscream is removed from the cell.

Megatron Origin 4 – Skywarp attacks a civilian vessel, but Thundercracker has second thoughts about it. Skywarp tells him not to think but just do. They both fire on the ship and it crashes on a nearby building. After that, Thundercracker is witness to Megatron killing Sentinel Prime, and eventually dumps his body behind Autbot lines, causing them to retreat from Kaon.


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