Decpticon scientist


Thunderwing strikes a delicate balance between calm composure and explosive rage. This rage is backed by an immensely powerful form, and he will not flinch at using this raw power when simple deceit and treachery fail him. His power is amplified further by his impressive Pretender shell, which is a virtually indestructible arsenal of weaponry.

Despite his position within the Decepticon ranks, Thunderwing wants to be admired and respected by his subordinates, but all too often he can be caught in a consuming obsession that leads him down the irreversible path of darkness. This capacity for obsession is both his strength and weakness, and his blindness to this fault both propels him to greatness and to tragedy. If he becomes at all aware of what horrors he’s done, it’s usually too late, and he’s brought everything he holds dear to the brink of destruction.


Affiliation; Decepticon
Function; Scientist

? BCE (?)

unknownMegatron decommissions Thunderwing’s unnatural, misguided, ill-conceived project.

2002 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Stormbringer 4 – Thunderwing returns to Cybertron and lands close to Bludgeon’s base. For a few minutes, he is quiet, examining his surfacing memories. As his memories reach a crescendo, he explodes in an enormous blast of energy. Still standing in “his own personal ground zero”, he starts to walk away. Immediatly he is attacked from the air by three Autobots, Sandstorm, Springer and Whirl. His legs are attacked by Twin Twist, although the Wrecker is quickly crushed underfoot. Broadside, Roadbuster and Scoop assault him from the ground, but they too are easily swept aside.

The fight got heavier as Thunderwing blasted Broadside aside, and simply janked Springer out of the air and crashed him on the ground. Suddenly, Thunderwing found himself attacked by his former alles; Decepticons. Under the command of Divebomb, Blast Off, Spinister, Triggerhappy and Windsweeper attacked him from the air, while Barrage, Carnivac, Headstrong, Quake and Tantrum assaulted him from the ground.

Session 5 – Another group bounced to the surface of Cybertron, but only one of them, Impact, stayed and added his firepower to the battle. The rest of them disappeared underground, into Bludgeons’ base.

Thunderwing’s Ultra Mode

Stormbringer 4 – As if to insult Thunderwing, Optimus Prime used Bludgeon’s Centurion Drones as extra firepower. For this insult, Thunderwing changed into another mode, to which someone referred to as his “ultra-mode”. At the sight of this, the Decepticons left the battle.

Session 5 – Another group, existing of Digit, Junkyard, Libris, Opertum, Pride, Riven and Roadkill emerged from Bludgeon’s base, and opened fire on Thunderwing.

Stormbringer 4 – All in all, it seemed to work, as continuasly firing at Thunderwing depleted his reserves of Ultra Energon quickly, eventually taking him down.


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