Vector Prime


Vector Prime is Primus’s appointed guardian of time and space. Though recorded history pegs him as 25 million years old, he has identified himself as 9 billion years old, making the clockwork-covered Transformer one of the thirteen original Transformers. Despite his age, Vector Prime is very powerful, and can warp both space and time, though excessive use of this power can severely weaken him.

Vector Prime was once a holder of the Matrix of Leadership before he left Cybertron to guard space and time, a lonely job which isolated him from Cybertronian culture for tens of millions of years. Though he has rejoined the timestream on occasion to protect it from large-scale dangers, his extraordinary exile has left him emotionally, culturally, and politically disconnected from his race. He speaks in archaic terminology steeped in chivalry from an age long past and is unfamiliar with the Autobot/Decepticon war. Despite this disconnect, Vector Prime never forgets that these strange modern creatures are the reason he guards space and time so fiercely. It is the miracle of time that allows these precious lives to continue.


Affiliation: Too old for your damn affiliations!


2005 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Session 4 – .

2006 (Escalation)

Session 9 – .

Vector Prime

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