Megatron's Fusion Cannon

Megatron's Signature Weapon

weapon (ranged)

Type: Blaster Carbine
Cost: Cannot be bought
Damage: 2d10 + special
Type: Energon
Critical: 19-20 / x4
Minimum Range: 0 ft.
Maximum Range: 300 ft.
Special: Megatron’s Fusion Cannon is basically a basic Blaster Carbine with an extra HD of damage, and an improved critical range and modifier. When a critical hit is rolled (and verified), an explosion follows where the blast hits. This does not do extra damage to the object hit, but forces a reflex save to all within 50 ft., or suffer half the base damage of the weapon.


Megatron, leader of the mighty Decepticons, has stricken fear into any Autobot foolish enough to be on the receiving end of this cannon. Blasting enemies to slag, this weapon has never failed the mighty Megatron.

When the Decepticons attacked the Ark, the battle damaged the ship to such a degree that it crashlanded on a planet.

2006 (Escalation)

Session 7 – Millions of years later, the Ark is opened by a group of Decepticons that find all the crew in stasis. One of the group, a transformer named Riven, decides to be the newest deadliest warrior in existence, and steals Megatron’s Fusion Cannon.

Megatron's Fusion Cannon

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