? BCE (Before the Great War)

(The Decepticons are not known under this name yet, but Megatron leads them. They start out as a group of gladiators fighting underground in illegal matches)

Megatron Origin 2 – It is unknown when the Decepticons are formed first, because it is unknown when Megatron‘s ideas of conquering Cybertron first formed. When Megatron killed Clench in one of the Arena fights, Megatron took control of his team of gladiators. He was soon approached by Soundwave who, under the orders of senator Ratbat, was delivering weapons and technology to Megatron to improve his combat abilities in the Arena. The fights were being recorded and it is assumed Ratbat, with his connections, was making a lot of money out of them, and Megatron and his team at that time were the best the Arena has ever seen. At that time, they already attracted the attention of the Autobots, and spies were sent out to find any gladitorial arena’s. This cost both Fastback and Bumper their lives. Megatron killed them both, but also learned that he was on top of a list of suspects.

Megatron Origin 3 – The Decepticons grew with the addition of the Seekers. They were recruited by Soundwave, and added Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker to their steadily growing numbers. These three were not supposed to fight in the Arena, but would do other jobs for Megatron. These jobs included terrosist-type attacks on government sanctioned speakers, airports and other things that would imbalance Kaon.

Known Sub-Factions
The PredaconsTactical Assault Unit
SeekersMegatron’s Honor Guard


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