1.000.000+ Years Ago…

~ 6.7 million BCE — The first Ark is launched and subsequently lost in the Benzuli Expanse. Notable crew include Galvatron, Nova Prime, his strategist Jhiaxus, Cyclonus, Straxus Grindcore and Scourge.

? BCEMegatron unites a group of gladiators under a common banner – the Decepticons, but they are captured by Sentinel Prime’s forces. This eventually ends in a massive jailbreak, whereafter the Decepticons destroy Kaon. During this battle, Megatron manages to kill Sentinel Prime, and all the Autobots are forced to retreat to Iacon. This is the start of what will eventually be called the Great War.

? BCEZeta Prime, chosen after the death of Sentinel Prime, puts an end to all recreational activites because of the threat of Decepticon terrorist attacks. On one of these occasions he ends the cybertronian races, forcing famous racers like Blurr and Drag Strip to join sides.

? BCE – Zeta Prime is killed by Megatron, and the soldier named Optimus becomes the new Autobot leader.

~ 4 million BCEOptimus Prime and Ironhide manage to almost singlehandedly stop a Decepticon convoy full of energon reaching a city without firing a single shot. This prevented another city from falling to the Decepticons.

100.000+ Years Ago…

~650.000 BCEShockwave begins his Regenesis Project, seeding different worlds, including Earth.

10.000+ Years Ago…

~8.000 BCE – Shockwave leaves the Decepticons to stabilize the Regensis planets.

100+ Years Ago…

~1550 CEThunderwing renders Cybertron largely uninhabitable.


2002 Thunderwing gets his aft handed to him by both the Autobots and the Decepticons on the surface of Cybertron.


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