Sachseln is a municipality in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland.


Sachseln is first mentioned in 1173 as Saxhslen.

2007 (Escalation)

Session 8 – Population of the city of Sachseln in Switserland are alerted by a comet-like object striking a nearby mountain. From several different nearby cities, police, firemen and paramedics are sent out towards the crash site. Arriving there, every single one of them died in multiple explosions. Local media claim that it was a meteorite shower that accidently hit a hidden government missile silo which exploded and killed all these people. A few eye witnesses claim the arrival of extra-terestials, but there is no proof to backup these rumors.


Sachseln has an area, as of 2006, of 53.8 square kilometers (20.8 sq mi). Of this area, 45.4% is used for agricultural purposes, while 39.4% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 3.1% is settled (buildings or roads) and the remainder (12.1%) is non-productive (rivers, glaciers or mountains)

The municipality is located on Lake Sarnen (Sarnersee). It consists of the village of Sachseln and the hamlets of Edisried, Ewil and Flüeli-Ranft.

The geographic center of Switzerland is in Sachseln.


Sachseln has a population (as of 31 December 2009) of 4,752. As of 2007[update], 13.4% of the population was made up of foreign nationals. Over the last 10 years the population has grown at a rate of 8.7%. Most of the population (as of 2000) speaks German (92.8%), with Serbo-Croatian being second most common ( 1.5%) and Portuguese being third ( 1.1%). As of 2000 the gender distribution of the population was 49.6% male and 50.4% female. As of 2000 there are 1,417 households, while in 2009 the total was 2,104 with 1,867 households in Sachseln and 237 in Flüeli-Ranft.

In the 2007 federal election the most popular party was the CVP which received 36.2% of the vote. The next three most popular parties were the SVP (30.9%), the Other (19.9%) and the SPS (13%).

The entire Swiss population is generally well educated. In Sachseln about 71% of the population (between age 25-64) have completed either non-mandatory upper secondary education or additional higher education (either University or a Fachhochschule).

Sachseln has an unemployment rate of 0.76%. As of 2005, there were 251 people employed in the primary economic sector and about 100 businesses involved in this sector. 1,452 people are employed in the secondary sector and there are 46 businesses in this sector. 709 people are employed in the tertiary sector, with 105 businesses in this sector.

As of 2008 the religious population distribution was; 3,641 or 78.8% are Roman Catholic, while 315 or 6.8% belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church. There are 664 individuals (or about 14.37% of the population) who belong to another church (not listed on the census) or no church.

The historical population is given in the following table:

year population
1799 1,250
1837 1,358
1850 1,506
1880 1,701
1900 1,628
1950 2,423
1960 2,721
1970 3,059
1980 3,406
1990 3,690
2000 4,241
2007 4,356


The main sights of Sacheln are: the local saint Bruder Klaus (place of birth, place of residence, museum, crust Flüeli-Ranft), a church of pilgrimage, the school building Mattli, and the geographical centre of Switzerland Aelggi.


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