The planet Severus-3, third from the sun in the Severus System in the Milky Way galaxy, is a world populated by a wide variety of native organic lifeforms, most notably, humans.

Severus-3 is superficially similar to the planet upon which you may reside, but has many subtle and not so subtle differences.

Countries / Nations







Cities on Severus-3

Detroit (America)
New York (America)
Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Sachseln (Switserland)

History of Severus-3


The volcano named Mount St. Hilary erupts. Subsequent investigators disappeared within days after the eruption. Investigation into the disappearances were all cut short, and those that disappeared were considered dead by accidents in the volcanic region. Since that eruption. Mount St. Hilary is off limits to everyone. An army detachment has been placed there to keep everybody out.

2006 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Session 1 – .

Session 2 – .

Session 6 – The Anarcons arrive back on Severus-3 after following the thief of the Golden Disc. Landing, they decide to first figure out what happened to their old base, and their old commander; Salvator. They quickly find out that online communications are down, and their old Ark-14 has been demolished. They also learn from the natives that the “government is using huge robots to kill people”.

2007 (Escalation)

Session 8 – Population of the city of Sachseln in Switserland are alerted by a comet-like object striking a nearby mountain. From several different nearby cities, police, firemen and paramedics are sent out towards the crash site. Arriving there, every single one of them died in multiple explosions. Local media claim that it was a meteorite shower that accidently hit a hidden government missile silo which exploded and killed all these people. A few eye witnesses claim the arrival of extra-terestials, but there is no proof to backup these rumors.


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