The Circle

The Circle’s exterior

When the sun sets on Cybertron, there is only one place the rich and famous like to go; The Circle, the hippest joint on the whole planet, where the energon flows freely and only the most elite of the city’s population are allowed to enter.

That is, until a civil war breaks out.

? BCE (Beginning of the Great War)

The Circle’s interior

After another win at the race track, Blurr‘s race crew suggested they’d go celebrate it. Blurr fully agreed to that and announced that The Circle was the place they’d be going, ditching his crew simply with the fact that they would never be allowed to enter the establishment.

Blurr arrived at The Circle with his colleague Fasttrack and was welcomed by a crowd of fans. Walking the red carpet through them, the two racers sat down at the bar. Fasttrack pointed out two glitchheads at one of the tables who were getting themselves high on Simultronic. They both laughed at how anyone would want to escape all this, and quickly ordered another round.

Alterior fun

When civil war broke out across the planet, the club was left deserted by its once clientele. Blurr found it in this state when he came to drown his disillusion with energon. Giving the Simultronic machines a second thought, Blurr was spared further downfall when a Seeker approached him and voiced his opinion that only the weak would turn to that sort of thing. Naturally, Blurr asked who he was and got treated to a Decepticon recruitment speech until the Seeker left to assist in an assassination attempt on Zeta Prime. Blurr exited The Circle himself too some time later, without a goal.

The Circle

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