Transformers - Tempus Exitium

Session 2 - Know your Enemy

Note to my wonderfull players; I actually used Tankor, but I meant to use Dropshot, hence the change in name. Anything Tankor did in this session, is now credited to Dropshot. My apologies.

Due to the failed combat between Impact and the Autobot team, Salvator decided to take Bladespark out of the stasis cell. The group informed him of their current situation, and decided to follow up on the signal that led them to the north of the continent they resided on. Bladespark and Pride went out to scout ahead, while the rest of the team followed on land. Nitro stayed behind with Salvator to find a new location for their Ark.

Ending up north, they discovered three wooden lodges in the middle of the woods. One was empty, a second one couldn’t be scanned, and the third one held an enemy; Dropshot. Figuring a lead would be in the middle shack, they decided upon a plan of action. Discussing several different types of plans, they were warned by a news helicopter and another cybertronian approaching. They quickly used Bladespark’s plan, and he blasted the thrid cabin into oblivion. Dropshot immediatly sped up and left, with Bladespark hot on his tail. While Roadkill went south to intercept the incoming enemy, Libris went to the middle shack to see what was in there. He ripped open the roof and found 4 humans frantically typing behind computers. The moment he caught them, they all tried to commit suicide. He managed to capture one, but the other three died.

A little further off, Bladespark was blasting at Dropshot, who was blasting back. Entire acres of forest were turned to ashes, and just as Opertum was taking a shot to aid his teammate, his chest was blown to pieces as Impact arrived on the scene. Nobody saw him coming due to his camouflage. Libris immediatly sped away to help Opertum, but the two Decepticons were ganging up on Bladespark. Impact rode up a tree, transformed, and forced the helicopter down to the ground. In a desperate attempt to escape, Bladespark shot his missile launchers full in Impact’s face. He was free, but the combined might of Dropshot and Impact eventually tore him to pieces.

Roadkill arrived back on the scene to see one of her teammates down, and Libris getting shot by Dropshot. With Opertum out, Libris dying, and Bladespark in pieces, Roadkill called for backup, and started taunting the Decepticons. She drove off, with Dropshot hot on her tail. Meanwhile, Digit managed to awaken Libris, who saw Impact ripping out Bladesparks’ spark. Knowing that the humans were coming to their location, Libris told Impact that this was still Phase 1, and that they needed to hide. Both Impact and Dropshot Bounced out, and the Autobots withdrew with the single human they managed to retrieve from the shack.

Back at their Ark, and after a period in the CR Chamber, Libris wanted to get back Bladespark’s spark. While they were in the CR Chamber, Salvator had received a message from Impact who offered a deal. They were to rendez-vous at a specific location, where they needed to talk. Libris got two vans and spraypainted them in his own and Opertum’s colors, while Opertum hacked into a satellite to keep an eye on that location, and send any footage from there to the Ark. Eventually, they went to the location, where Roadkill scouted ahead. She was spotted by Impact, who dropped his Decepticon symbol on the ground as a sign of his willingness to talk. He offered to return part of the spark to them if they would leave the planet. The other half, they would receive after they were gone. Roadkill accepted half the spark, and Libris rammed the two fake vans, full of explosives, into Impact. Exitium arrived on the scene, and dragged Impact’s damaged body away as the Autobots returned to their Ark to fix Bladespark.

After getting out of the CR Chamber, Bladespark learned that part of his spark wasn’t here anymore, and that the Decepticons had a hold on it. He immediatly wanted to go out and get it, but Salvator stopped him. Salvator also told them that the human they captured was full of cybertronian technology, which was illegal according to the Tyrest Accord. Salvator figured they needed to call in Ultra Magnus, but that in itself could become a problem considering the current phase. He decided to talk to High Command personally, and left Roadkill in charge. Only hours after he left, Exitium stood at the edge of the lake, asking for a conversation. After a lot of panicked locking up the base (and preventing Bladespark from going outside), the Autobots agreed, and they went outside to speak to Exitium.

The following conversation resulted in Exitium telling them what he wanted to do with Severus-3; using the unique Energon on the planet to change it into a paradise, a new Cybertron. He seemingly managed to convince Libris that Exitium himself was only expanding on Libris’ own outlawed experiments, and eventually the autobot yielded. Dumping his Autobot symbol in front of Roadkill he signalled her that he was trying to work along with the enemy for more information. When Exitium told Roadkill that the one she was looking for, Arcee, was imprisoned on G-9, Roadkill too seemed to fall for his smooth words. In reality, the four autobots were afraid to get killed en masse by the amount of troops Exitium seems to have at his disposal. Libris went with Bullseye to Exitium’s base, while Impact and Driveby stayed with the Autobots to keep an eye on them. Bladespark simply got up and left, refusing to have anything to do with the treachery.

Roadkill sneakily sent a message to Salvator, while Digit was rummaging with the internal defences of the Ark. Both Driveby and Impact were inside with the Autobots, so they figured a little defence wouldn’t hurt them. A few hours later, Salvator came barging in with two other Autobots. At that moment, Opertum pushed the button that activated the internal defences, and Impact and Driveby got shot. Both Decepticons tried to flee, but they didn’t get anywhere. Impact was knocked out by one of the reinforcements, and Driveby simply surrendered; seeing as he was surrounded by 7 different Autobots.

Meanwhile, Libris was stuck on Exitium’s base, where he learned that Exitium actually IS the base. He also learned that Bullseye was created with the remnants of Bladespark’s spark. Fear of the enormous city-former kept Libris docile, but he was still downloading as much information on Exitium’s reformatting program as he could. Eventually, Exitium informed him that he coalition had failed, and that he was willing to exchange Libris for the captured Impact and Driveby…



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