Transformers - Tempus Exitium

Session 3 - Allies and Enemies

Players: Digit, Libris, Nitro, Pride, Riven, Roadkill

At the Ark, Salvator ordered Roadkill, Nitro and one of the new Autobots he brought, Riven, to go and find out where Exitium took Libris. The three went on their merry way, following old signals and eventually ended up near a large city, where Nitro got shot by a crab-like tank-thing. After some shooting back and forth, Roadkill requested a cease-fire and a talk. They ended up finding out the creature was called Rampage, but didn’t fit the description of Rampage in their database. He also claimed to be a Predacon, but again, that didn’t make any sense. They did quickly find out that he didn’t work for or with Exitium, and that he was more than happy to blow a few hole’s in the Decepticons plans. The four of them travelled into the city to try and find Libris. There they got stuck in a fight with Dropshot and Garotte.

Inside Exitium’s base, all the drones were running around panicked. Libris took this opportunity to free himself from his cellblock, and started moving towards the roof of the building he was in, probably figuring that he could make a good escape from there. Standing up there, he could see across the battlefield; Nitro leaving the scene, Roadkill and Riven blasting away at Garotte, and Dropshot’s shell lying near the foot of the building. Looking down, he also noticed a giant crab climbing up the building. The crab grabbed him, and swung him down. Libris slammed one of his arms inside a building he passed to slow his fall, and eventually hit street level. Around that time, Nitro came back, and told them Salvator ordered a full retreat.

Back at the Ark, where Nitro continued to harass Impact, the group explained to Salvator what happened in his short absence. They gave him the information about Exitium being a city-former, and Libris passed on all the information he stole from Exitium’s files. Salvator told them that Ultra Magnus was on his way to take away both Impact and Driveby. Roadkill again asked about Arcee, and Salvator replied that she was imprisoned on Garrus-9 for breaking the laws of the Tyrest Accord; killing a variety of lifeforms.

A short time later, Ultra Magnus arrived on the scene, and they had a long conversation in which Roadkill made herself abscent. She was afraid Magnus would arrest her simply because she was a female transformer. After this, they went and searched for Rampage who earlier had left to hunt for “food”. In the conversation with him, he claimed he could stop the war if only he had access to the Golden Disc; and artifact that would be stolen in the future and would create his wretched existence. After a long discussion, the four ‘bots, Roadkill, Libris, Nitro and Riven, agreed that they would assist him, and stop the war.

Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus was closing in on their position to find Rampage. Rampage simply blew him to pieces, and they stole Magnus’ ship. Libris stayed behind a little longer to pick up what as left of Magnus, and extracted his spark, putting it away safely in a contained within Magnus’ own ship. The group decided to go to G-9, and question Arcee.

They arrived their with all the stealth they could muster, and eventually were confronted by Fortress Maximus. They spoke at length, but Maximus quickly figured out something was wrong. They were bringing in Driveby and Swindle, who was also on Magnus’ ship, but Maximus knew that Magnus would normally do this himself. A long conversation and explenation followed, and Maximus allowed them to speak to Arcee. Eventually, they were brought to a sub-level, where Arcee’s torso was reformed, and her spark reinstated. She told them that Jhiaxus wasn’t dead, and that he was still doing something. What that something was, she didn’t know. She told them to go to Epon-6 where Chromia would be; another of Jhiaxus’ experiments. She would know more.

They traded Magnus’ ship, and his body and spark, for a Decepticon vessel that was a little less high profile, and went to Epon-6. Arriving there, they quickly noticed the planet being in Phase 5, with everybody shooting at everybody, and the Decepticons holed up in a fortress. Faking codes, they managed to land inside the fortress, and destroyed it from the inside out. The group also managed to steal 6 Decepticon sparks, before they let the fortress self-destruct.



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