Transformers - Tempus Exitium

Session 5 - Deeper and Deeper...

Players: Digit, Junkyard, Libris, Opertum, Paradox, Pride, Riven, Roadkill

Knowing what to do next, go to Cybertron, the group started searching around. The first thing they encountered was an old Autobot science satellite. Discovering life on the thing, they decided to go there for whatever reasons people have of going to an old unused science satellite. Once there, they were welcomed by Decepticon guns held by, yes, Decepticons. After some macho-talk between them about who’s got the bigger guns, Opertum said he was willing to switch sides to the Decepticon cause. This meant the rest of the team had to surrender. It was four to three after all, as Libris was already knocked out from trying to hack into the station.

Riven and Roadkill were soon after dumped into a cell, followed by Libris. There they met up with Junkyard, an unaffiliated piece of bound-together metals. After introductions, they talked of escape. While Libris was trying to get out, he saw Blood running past the cell, screaming his lungs out. Eventually, Junkyard sent Paradox, his loyal sidekick, out of the cell, but the latter immediatly ran back in. At the end of the hallway was a combination between a tyrannosaurus rex and an orangatang. Libris quickly discovered that shooting the thing didn’t work, so the cybertronians went back to simple fists and brutal flamethrowers. Eventually, they managed to scare the thing off. Now all they needed to do was find Opertum, en get off the satellite.

Opertum, meanwhile, managed to escape on his own through a maintenance tunnel, and by sheer luck, he managed to go into the right direction, straight toward the rest of his group. Along the way to the hangar, they fought more of the lizard-monkeys, and eventually ended up where their stolen ship was standing. They also saw an enormous, potato-like comet, riddled with holes and dozens more of the creatures tearing through the hangar, and trying to get their fangs into the party’s ship. Surprisingly, they saw Impact defending their ship. The scientists on the team found a console, and started hacking into it; by producing an enormous energy spike on another location in the science satellite, they managed to draw the energy-eaters away from their ship. They boarded it quickly, and got off of it as soon as possible. After resqueing one more Decepticon off the vessel, Libris flooded it with flammables, and set it on fire, hoping to kill all the lizard-things in one big blow.

After questioning and jettising the saved Decepticon, Blood into space, and taking Impact into the fold, they travelled to Cybertron. There they immediatly noticed the warship Thanatos orbiting the planet, with orbital barrage cannons aimed at it. While conversing what to do, they were hailed by Rampage who told them what the situation was planet-side; Thunderwing had awakened, and a group of Autobots and Decepticons were working together to stop him. Razorclaw subsequently ordered them to go to the surface and aid in the attack. Junkyard asked Paradox to stay behind, and bounce them away if necessary, while the rest of the group went to the surface.

On the surface they saw a fight they’ve never seen before; Thunderwing was opposed by the Wreckers, the rest of the Predacons, a combination of Decepticon warriors and Centurion Drones and the famous Optimus Prime himself! Impact immediatly threw himself into the fray, while the rest fo the group sought the nearest tunnel to get down to the corse of Cybertron and continue their hunt for the Golden Disc. The tunnel they fought was made earlier by one of the Wreckers, and led into Bludgeon’s base. There they encountered Jetfire, who told them they should go back up to fight Thunderwing. Libris gave him a data stick with what they were up to, but soon discovered the rest of the base led nowhere. Eventually, they were convinced by Jetfire to aid in the fight, and went back topside.

After Thunderwing was put down, they spoke to Optimus Prime about their mission, ordered directly by Vector Prime himself. Prime listened to them, and asked them to continue with what they were doing. He also provided them with codes to contact him personally should they uncover any vital information or require assistance. The group left him and went to Thunderhead Pass, which seemed to be the quickest possibility to go to the core. They climbed down it for several kilometers, some of them falling, but being resqued by their comrades, but eventually made it down there. They discovered that under the surface of Cybertron was a different type of Cybertron. An old city that seemed to have been so overbuilt, that nobody would ever make use of it anymore. Through maintenance tunnels and a factory, they eventually encountered life; Straxus.

Straxus was not pleased with the group entering his place, so he attacked. The battle was fast and furious, with Riven eventually falling, but the group managed to take down Straxus. Being outgunned and damaged, Straxus tried to crawl away from the fight as soon as a black portal opened at the other side of the chamber. Out of the portal came Galvatron. Although impressed by his presence, that didn’t stop the group from trying to kill Straxus. It was eventually Digit who loosed the shot that killed Straxus. Galvatron, though, picked up Straxus’ corpse and threw it through the portal. After the two parties tried to pull information from eachother, they figured a conversation with Galvatron was useless, and requested they all go their seperate ways. Galvatron agreed, and dropped a grenade when he left. The group survived, and more determined, went deeper into Cybertron.

Hours later they discover a great sewer tunnel and encounter another cybertronian. This one goes by the name of Optronicx, and claims to have been lost down there for days (Yesss). The group politely shows him the way out, and continues their way through the tunnels. Eventually, they come into a large room which features an enormous head, and a creature claiming to be the Keeper, and demands that they fall to their knees in presence of their god; Primus. After they do so, and get an explenation of what the room is, who Primus actually is, and why they should not wake him, they ask about the Golden Disc. The Keeper claims it is in a temple nearby, and the group quickly deducts that Optronicx, which they found out was the original name of Optimus Prime, must have it. After checking to make sure, they go back to the Keeper and request a quick route to the entrance. Via a constantly transforming elevator, the group gets brought back to the surface in no time.

When reaching the surface, the group discovered a ship, where Junkyard registered four different energy signatures. Two of them were outside, two inside. The group got closer, but was noted by one of them on the outside. He blew up the building that the group was in, and both Junkyard and Roadkill were stuck under the debris. The rest went in to attack as soon as possible. The one shooting the building demanded to fight their strongest warrior. After Libris pointed out that that was Riven, the Decepticon dropped his sword and started walking towards Riven for a boto-a-boto fight. He never got there, because Digit, Impact, Libris, Opertum, Pride and Riven shot him to slag. The other crew-member standing outside quickly surrendered, as did one of the two inside the ship. After questioning, the group discovered the ship was the fourth cybertronian they detected.

They discovered Optronicx changing to his alt-mode and flying into space. They quickly followed him in the new ship they just commandeered, with Junkyard bouncing to their other ship and following them all in that. Disrupting his flight systems, Junkyard managed to grab him in the hanger. As the two ships docked, everybody went to their originally stolen Decepticon cruiser, where they confronted Optronicx with what they learned, and demanded the Golden Disc. Optronicx claimed he would also die during the virus, and demanded they release him as they have the same goal. After both parties claiming the other one could be the new Megatron that Vector Prime spoke of, Optronicx bounced to his own ship, and took it away. The group imemdiatly set their pursuit, and followed the ship through a warp hole, ending, of all places, on Severus-3...



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