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Affiliation; Decepticon

? BCE (Before the Great War)

Impact considers himself destruction made into cybertronian perfection. Before the War, Impact crushed buildings, tore down mountains, and slammed through the hardest metal in a mine colony. When this, as many others, was automized, Impact and his fellow miners were shipped back to Cybertron. Unlike many miners, he did find himself a new job; a demolitions’ job. He took down old buildings like they were paper, and rejoiced with everything he blew up; no matter it’s size.

? BCE (During the Great War: Before Thunderwing)

When the senate relocated their money to strengthen the Autobot forces to take back Kaon, Impact soon found himself without a job. He figured the army would have him destroy stuff, so he joined the Autobots. Drilled, trained and given a new alt-mode, Impact became a front line attacker. His tank mode would crush enemies while he blew buildings to scrap. His superiors weren’t that happy. Not that he did a bad job, but they found that he caused more damage than the Decepticons they were fighting. He was eventually re-assigned to an ammo dump where he would defend it against incoming enemies.

Annoyed, he was pleased when the enemy finally showed up decades later, and for the first time he saw the Decepticons bombard the living daylights out of the Autobots. He couldn’t help but enjoy the show, realising that he was more Decepticon than Autobot. He ripped up his symbol, and transformed into his tank mode. He drove outside, crushing his former comrades under his tracks, and opened the door wide for the Decepticons. Of course they didn’t trust him, but when they saw him gleefully blasting his former comrades to bits, the Decepticons took him with them.

He was assigned to a no-nonsense assault unit, and was laughing madly when he could tear into the enemy. After a few cycles, the Decepticons started enjoying his work, and he was assigned to more important missions. Nowadays, he needs to lie low, but he continues to try and get reassigned to planets which have reached Phase 5. All he needs is someone to kill.

2006 (Infiltration / Stormbringer)

Session 1 – Impact awaited the Autbots’ arrival on Severus-3. In his own subtle way, he warned them to get their tailpipes off the planet and ignore the Decepticons. They, of course, didn’t accept his reasoning, and one of them, Nitro dared to spraypaint the Autobot symbol on his leg. Impact reacted to that like he does to everything; violent.

Considering he’s a tank, the Autobots thought him easiest to follow. They tracked him down, across miles of countryside, and eventually ended up at a waterfall. Unknown to the Autobots, Impact got warned by Driveby, and boobytrapped the cave behind the waterfall. During the Autobot’s search, the trap sprung, almost blowing up Libris and Nitro. A short firefight followed, bu was stopped by the arrival of local forces. Impact retreated.

Session 2 – Impact was ordered to immediatly travel north when the Decepticons discovered that the Autobots were moving to one of their stations. Blowing through a border post, accidently giving away his situation, he almost put an end to the four Autobots fighting with Dropshot. The battle, again, was ended when the local police and firefighters arrived on the scene.

Hours later, Impact was ordered to stay on Ark-14 when the Autobots agreed to work with Exitium. This didn’t take very long as the Autobot commander, Salvator returned with reinforcements and Impact got knocked out and incarcerated in said Ark.

Session 5 While his captors were being incarcerated in a cell on the science satellite, Impact was freed by the Decepticons on said satellite. His joy did not last long, as the local Decepticons brought a ship in that was full of energy-eating Potatolizards. Impact figured he’d stay with the ship, and try to shoot them off, so that he could eventually make his escape. While blasting away at the lizards, the rest of the crew came running into the ship. Libris asked him if they were cool, and Impact simply said “For now”.-

After being made up-to-date on the current situation of hunting the Golden Disc, Impact agreed to assist the now-factionless Autobots, and tore off his Decepticon symbol. He travelled with them to Cybertron, where he aided in stopping Thunderwing from tearing up the local combined Autobot/Decepticon forces. After this, he followed the group down into the very core of Cybertron. Travelling for hours, they eventually met up with Straxus, who they had to fight. Impact did a lot of damage to the old Cybertronian, but it was Digit who actually had the killing shot. Although doubt exists that Straxus is actually dead, as Galvatron arrived on the scene, and threw Straxus’ corpse through a black portal.

After trying to pull information from Galvatron, and surviving his exploding departure, the group went further into the core. Eventually, deeper then any of them have ever went, they met a cybertronian calling himself Optronicx. He claimed to have been lost, and the group gave him the data to find the exit back to the surface. Continuing on their path, they encountered the Keeper, and the face of Primus. The Keeper told them the disc is lcoated in a temple nearby, but the group quickly figured out this Optronicx guy stole it. With the Keepers’ help, they were transported to the surface via a constantly transforming elevator, where they discovered a hidden ship. They attacked and defeated the crew, and waited for Optronicx to return.

When he did, he discovered their ruse, and changed into the fighter jet and bolted off the planet. Following him with their new ship, and their old one, they managed to catch up to him. Guns at the ready, Impact watched the discussion between Optronicx and the rest of his own crew, until Optronics bounced back to his ship, took his crew and left. They followed him immediatly, following the portal he made, and ending up near Severus-3.

Session 6 – Impact remained behind on the Anarcons’ ship while the rest of the group went to their old Ark to see if the one energon signature they found there was to be saved. After a couple of hours, Impact noticed several Decepticons homing in on his location, one of them being the mighty Megatron. He immediatly fled from the ship, calling to his teammates, and telling them to start running.

Eventually he and the others were together again, and in battle with several of the Decepticons of Severus-3. After both Opertum and Salvator were down, Impact noticed that there was something weird about the area around their corpses, and he realized it was Fear and his illusions. There is was no Megatron! After Roadkill managed to find Fears’ spark, Impact let loose a barrage, and the illusions ended, allowing the Anarcons to win their ship back, and basically, the battle.

After much discussion aboard their vessel on upgrades they required to beat Exitium and the thief of the Golden Disc, Impact offered up the Styx Penal Colony, and a good source of bodies. The group agreed.

2007 (Escalation)

Session 7 – .

Session 8 – Impact is on the command deck with Opertum of the Anarcons stolen Decepticon ship when a tank falls through the front windows. Blasting wildly around itself, Impact sees Opertum being blasted out of the vessel, and dropping towards Severus-3 below. Impact immediatly sees that this monstrosity is more than he can handle, and flees towards the back of the ship, where Libris and Riven where to see who their uninvited quest was. Impact quickly learns that the tank is not alone, and a type of airplane is with him. Together, these two tear through the stolen vessel like a chainsaw through butter. Impact figures it is time for the Anarcons to abandon the sinking ship, and enters the silver spaceship in which Silver Claw arrived only minutes earlier.

When Libris and Silver Claw come on board with special materials and a still unconscious Roadkill, Impact sees Riven being blasted out of the ship, falling towards the planet as Opertum did before. He flies the ship in that direction, and jumps out to catch Riven, who has been shot straight into stasis. Slowing the fall, Silver Claw manages to catch the two tanks with his space ship, but damage to the ship forces him to improvise a crash landing somewhere in Switserland.

Impact follows quietly as always as the rest of the Anarcons hide, and offers information that none of the others have; their ship was attacked and destroyed by Squadron XI; the Decepticon’s answer to the Wreckers. Informing his comrades of all he knows, he joins them as they have a talk under a banner of truce with Deathwing, leader of Squadron XI.

With the information gained from Deathwing, the Anarcons travel north, to Rotterdam where another spark has been sighted. After an interesting encounter with Natalya, the Anarcons board a seemingly innocent tanker ship, and end up face to face with Megatron. Impact immediatly drops his weapon and gets into position as a good soldier should. As Libris and Silver Claw speak with the mighty Decepticon leader, Impact wonders what will happen if this Megatron succeeds in his plan; assimilating the sparks of other Megatrons. Soon, the tanker transforms into a type of space shuttle, and moves towards Mount St. Hilary, where an ancient Ark is buried beneath a mountain which holds a Megatron in stasis.

Impact and Riven are sent down by Megatron to take care of the army positioned there. Again, the two tanks wade through the soldiers. Eventually, Impact starts shooting Megatron’s ship. Riven joins him, and Libris, Silver Claw and Natalya manage to escape. As the ship crashes in the distance, the Anarcons quickly move into the Ark and try to secure stasis Megatron’s spark. The spark is to powerful, and in an attempt to destroy it, the group blows up the ark. The spark flies away, and inhabites a military vehicle, which transforms into Megatron. The group quickly shoots it into little splinters, but the spark just moves on to the next vehicle. Eventually, they managed to subdue it, and Libris uses a device with the same energy frequency as the spark to encase it.

Session 9 – .


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