Commander of the Severus-3 anti-infiltration unit






Character Sheet



Affiliation; Autobot
Function; Commander of the Severus-3 anti-infiltration unit

Salvator is an “original Autobot”, meaning that he served in the militia during the days before the Great War. Working his way up through the ranks, he gained prestige by doing missions with next to no casualties. He was promoted several times, but he started refusing promotions when he made it to unit commander. He claims he cannot save enough lives when he’s too high up in command. Salvator spent mosyt of his days on the front lines, mostly keeping an eye on his own men, and trying to save every single one of them from Decepticon incursions.

During his career, when the Decepticons started initiating their Infiltration Protocol, he was assigned to a planet where the ‘cons reached stage 5. The unit that was there was already beaten, and Salvator’s first priority was to get as many of them alive off that planet as possible. He completely failed as the Autobots were set as bait for his unit. In the following crossfire, Salvators bots were all killed, and he lay there dying. It was a matter of pure luck that the Wreckers arrived on the planet to clean up, or else Salvator would not have made it out alive.

He was out of the loop for a while, some say through wounds, others claim it was because he didn’t want to fight anymore, and was mourning his former team. Eventually Optimus Prime himself told him that he was still alive, and still had the possibility to save more lives by guiding a unit of new warriors to the planet Severus-3, where he had the possibility to save an entire planet. Salvator eventually agreed, and was assigned a new crew.

2002 (Infiltration)

Session 1 – .

Session 2 – .

Session 3 – After the imprisonment of Impact and Driveby, Salvator called for Ultra Magnus to come and pick them up. Salvator also warned Roadkill that she shouldn’t try anything on Garrus-9 after he told her why Arcee was imprisoned there.

Session 4 – Salvator ordered Bladespark and Opertum to find Libris, Nitro, Riven and Roadkill.

When Bladespark was the only one to return, he explained what happened with the new Anarcons and their meeting with a primal force. Salvator had no choice but to accept it, as his unit was worn down to nothing more then a farce. It didn’t take long for the Decepticons after that to reach Phase 4, and the Autobots were rooted out and destroyed. Salvator managed to hide his energon signature, and thus survived to slaughter. He body damaged beyond repair, he took a wild gamble, and managed to fix Bladespark’s body, and eventually inhabit it. Hating himself for loosing another unit, he vowed revenge against Exitium.

Session 6 – Salvator was still on the Ark when the Anarcons found him. Although they logically assumed that it was Bladespark, they soon learned what Salvator had done. Before any stories could be exchanged, a message from Impact on board the Anarcons’ ship made them return. Salvator found himself in the middle of a firefight between his old unit and the local Decepticons. Willing and able to destroy them, Salvator was hauled on the back of Roadkill and blasted away. He was eventually shot down by Megatron’s Fusion Cannon and blasted to small parts, but awoke later out of statis as if nothing happened. When the group decided to leave the planet to upgrade themselves for better chances, Salvator joined them.

Session 7 – .

Session 8 – Salvator’s body was dismantled by Libris.


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